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Agricultural and agro-industrial by-products used as food for livestock is an ancient practice and it is widespread. Only in Italy, about 2 million tons of bran year are turned into animal feed, which feeds the 570 million head of our breeders.

In recent years, by a growing demand and by very strict regulations on the quality, ther is an urgent demand for searching new ways to enhance agricultural residues to be used for animal feed.

Through Hyst process we can answer the need to strengthen the production of raw materials in terms of quantity and quality, to meet an ever more demanding.

Enhancement through the system Hyst of alternative food to corn, barley, wheat and soybeans for animal feed will solve the problem of locating specific crops in specific areas, with significant benefits in terms of:

  • ease of access to raw materials;
  • improvement of production capacity and competitiveness of the sector.

Furthermore, to increase the availability of plant material from which to obtain valuable feed means improving the yields in terms of meat, milk and eggs and, at the same time, raise the level of safety and the final quality of such products.