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The uniqueness of our solution resides in the sum of the peculiarities of the Hyst, which allows you to enter advantageously in market of great expansion. The Hyst fact:

  • it guarantees simple high productive processes, flexible and of short duration;
  • it integrates smoothly in production processes already in place;
  • it reduces consumption and production time;
  • it is a non-polluting process and dramatically reduces CO2 emissions;
  • effectively it leverages bio-products and waste and low-cost resources that are easily available;
  • it increases the range of products obtainable from the same raw material;
  • It creates synergies with companies in other industries.

The best use of natural resources in the food industry results are:

  • a higher yield of agricultural products;
  • foods and semi-finished products with high levels of nutrients and “functional molecules”, characterized by a prolonged shelf-life.

In the energy field we propose the Hyst treatment, as a possible solution to the conflicting problem, for the use of resources, between the food and energy sectors.

Our system also provides a direct and incisive contribution to the disposal of waste and to the enhancing potential of pollutants that charges the company, which can become productive resources.