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Waste and by-products of the food sector are not currently intended for human consumption, while bringing with it all the vitamins, proteins and minerals present in food of better quality. Extract nutrients from the processing of residues, in fact, is generally not an advantageous operation, because of the low yields and very expensive production processes.

The Hyst system can “snatch” these valuable substances from biomass waste and concentrate them into fractions, with a very low production cost. The recovery of this mine of nutrients constitutes an enormous benefit, from both the point of view of the yield, and from the enhancement and disposal of agro-industrial residues.

Within the food sector, the BioHyst addresses:

  • entrepreneurs in the agricultural and horticultural sector;
  • consortia or combinations business;
  • primary processing industries (eg., the extraction of the oil industry, the milling industry, the sugar industry etc.);
  • secondary processing industries (eg. confectionery, pasta factories, breweries etc.);
  • Food-Pharma industries.

For each of these categories it is possible to study ad hoc solutions based on the needs and the raw material to work with.

The system Hyst allows treating virtually every type of biomass for food purposes, obtaining products with high nutritional value and natural supplements.