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Piacenza University – December 15 2009


A conference entitled “The Hyst technology: Food, Alternative Energy, Environment” took place on December 15, 2009 at the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (I.S.A.N.) in Piacenza, Italy. The meeting provided an opportunity for a constructive evaluation of the characteristics and highly innovative potential of the Hyst system. The technology seems to indicate the right direction to a realistic response to the already frail expectations of the international community to achieve the Millennium Goals by the year 2015.

The Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (I.S.A.N.) of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Sacred Heart University, is an active educational and experimental observation center, and the institution that, for over 30 years, has conducted research to characterize the products resulting from the treatment with the “turbomilling technology, BioHyst today.

The meeting was introduced by Professor Gianfranco Piva, Director of ISAN; other participants besides Prof. Piva and the members of his team (Prof. Amedeo Pietri, Prof. Francesco Masoero, Prof. Aldo Prandini, Dr. Maurizio Moschini) were: Alessandra Costa, BioHyst General Manager and Daniele Lattanzi, BioHyst Business Development Manager.

His Excellency Dr. Javad Shakhs Tavakolian, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to FAO and the United Nations and Member of the Executive Board of the WFP (World Food Program), attended the meeting as special guest.